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"I am here for you"

It's a phrase that can change someone’s life.

The message behind Here For You is universal, and can never be shared enough amongst our peers, friends, and loved ones. 

After collaborating with 50+ schools, within and beyond CT borders, from elementary to college level, we’ve managed to share the inspiring mental health journey of our founder, Ellie Haney, while showcasing our variety of resources and products. 

Since hearing the response from groups we have been involved with, it has become evident that sharing our message can ignite someone's journey towards seeking help and embracing significant changes. The feedback echoed by our community inspires us to continue the mission. We hope our message is an ongoing reminder to anyone who interacts with our brand that they are never alone, even in the darkest times. 

The first, and hardest step to building a strong and safe community, is normalizing the conversation around mental health. We’re here to help initiate what we hope will be a positive, bright, and practical domino effect that could save the lives of many students in your school. We hope this accessible, affordable product will generate conversations amongst students and faculty in hallways, classrooms, and eventually, at home with family, friends, or a professional. 

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